Introducing the soap painting Kits




What are they?

These are plain goats milk soaps that you paint with special colours called Mica.

Mica is what people use to colour their soap, but we are doing it a bit different!

You mix a bit a water with your mica and paint YOUR soap YOUR way!

You leave it to dry for 24 hrs and then take it in the shower or bath with you

These wont (shouldn’t) stain, they will just wash away.


After a few washes the colour will go, BUT, you can repaint.

The mica in the pot can last for a week once water has been added, keep the lid on it, then add a bit more water when ready.


Have fun, paint using your colours that you picked!

They are 7 boxes to choose from!

These will Be $30 but to introduce them THIS WEEK ONLY you can SAVE $5

Pop in PAINT at the checkout to receive your discount.

Happy Painting!


  1. Soap Dough 
  2. Slime