Soap Painting Box Seven

Introducing the soap painting box

Great for kids & adults

These boxes contain 3 or 4  plain goats milk soap, 3 colours of your choice (micas) 1 glitter and a paint brush

 Paint your own soap, then use them in the bath!

You can keep painting them! Dry them off and repaint until all mica is gone.

7 packs to choose from


 The  colours (Mica)  use are all body & Skin Safe.

BIO GLITTER has minimum impact on the environment. It is Certified as industrially compostable, certified Suitable Marine and waste water 

Please note that pattern might vary slightly & animals shapes might change

Soaps contains; Goats Milk, Saponifeid oils; Coconut, Olive, Rice bran & Castor Oil and shea butter

 Soaps weight between 60-120gm

 Please note pig & bug may vary

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Soap Painting box

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