Goats Milk Egg Yolk Shampoo Bar

Goats Milk Shampoo Bar with Egg Yolk - Great for dry hair or coloured hair (doesn't wash out the colour)

This Shampoo bar is made from my goats milk and egg yolks from my hens!!

Egg yolks are good they can make dull hair shine because unlike shampoo, eggs maintain the hair’s natural oils, which cheap shampoo can strip away

Eggs yolks help strengthen the hair follicle and are full of protein

This Shampoo Bar can be used all over your body too, not just your hair so saves all those containers in the bathroom.

  • Goats Milk,
  • Egg yolks,
  • Organic Coconut, Olive, Rice Bran & Castor Oil.
  • Shea butter .

  "I have fine thin hair and shampoos have a tendency to weigh it down but not the Simplenaked shampoo with egg yolk. I absolutely love it and so easy to use. I can't wait to try some more products. 
Plus another huge bonus for me was that it doesn't come wrapped in plastic like most other soaps, it's comes in a wee material bag." - Susan McNarn

Customer Reviews

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Best Shampoo Bar

I love this shampoo bar, it's the best one I've tried and leaves my thin fine hair feeling light and clean.

Affordable and does the trick

This is my first shampoo bar and it's gone pretty well! I simply rub off a bit of soap, lather up and rub well through my scalp. I have even managed to reduce the regularity of hair washing! I still use a touch of natural conditioner in the ends as my hair is thick wavy and on the dryer side.

Shampoo bar

Luv this shampoo bar, no more itchy scalp. 👍👍

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