Goats Milk & Saffron Body Wash

"A little bit of luxury"

This sensationally gentle body wash is a product of two local Otago farms. The Saffron is farmed by Wynyard Estate at Ettrick, near Roxborough. Yet again their Saffron has been graded "Premium Grade 1" - (the very best grade available) and what better product to have going onto your skin.

We have added Wynyard Estates Premium Grade 1 Saffron to our goats milk body wash to create a premium body wash that is "so so" gentle on the skin.

For a decadent yet gentle body wash, look no further

also available with "orange" essential oil

Goats Milk, Water, saponified oils: organic coconut,  olive & castor oil.  Saffron. Sea salt & palm oil free organic vegetable glycerin.

500 ml

Happy to bottle swap and refill.

A couple of options are available for bottle swap - simply hold onto the empty bottle until we arrive in town for a market or expo, and bring the empty bottle to us to exchange empty for full. 

A second option is to tick "Send Back Empty" as an option at time of online ordering and for $5-00 we will include a compostable courier bag with your order, with a return address label attached - then you simply drop at any Post Shop or "post" in the parcel box at a post shop and your empty will automatically find its way back to us to be cleaned and refilled.

For every "Send Back Empty" bag we send out, we will include a voucher for 10% off your next website order 

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