Goats Milk Foaming Hand Wash (Degreaser)

###UPDATE### February 2020

This hand wash can also be used as a "dry" wash - one pump of foam into hand - "wash" the foam all over the hands and leave to dry. This acts the same as a sanitiser, just not as drying to the skin. This does NOT replace proper hand washing - just adds an alternative when shopping or out and about and hands need a "cleanse" 

This liquid soap is created using my goats milk.

It doesn't matter how you currently clean, our foaming hand wash out performs them all 

Tea Tree - ANTI VIRAL, Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal, Anti Inflammatory FARM GRADE Commercial Cleaner

Manuka honey - ANTI VIRAL, Anti Bacterial, Anti septic, Anti Inflammatory

Hemp - Sensitive skins

Saffron & Orange - A little bit of Luxury - Guest Bathroom & Kitchen 

Its gentle and soft - but WOW does it clean - -gets rid of old and new grease, and old and new oils from the hands, plus all other outdoor grime - gets the guys back in the house! Gets rid of any smell, no scrubbing or harsh brushing required. A single pump of cleaner into one hand, and the other hand rinsed under cold water - bring together and using only your hands as the scrubbers, clean, clean, clean. Once thoroughly washed, rinse, and check out the CLEAN hands.   

This is a phenomenally hard working hand soap with NO chemical solvents or chemical cleaners or citrus, and our foaming soap far exceeds the clean its chemical counterparts can offer. It doesn't matter how you currently clean, our foaming hand wash out performs them all - citrus based cleaners, swarfega, pumice based cleaners are all history when put against ours.

And with all this cleaning power, we are gentle on the skin, even clearing up dermatitis 

Goats milk, Water and saponified oils: Coconut, Olive & castor oils. Glycerin. Salt. Preservative and Tea Tree essential oil

It comes in a 500 ml foamer bottle..


A MSDS is available for commercial applications 

Enquire about multiple wash station applications and 5 litre commercial refills

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Tea-tree foaming soap
Hands not dry
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Hand soap
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