Plastic & Chemical Free Bathroom & Travel Pack

No plastic or chemical for bathroom & travelling

This pack contains

2 x shampoo bars (Egg & Neem) 

1 x shaving bar

1 x bamboo tooth brush.

1 x Natural Deodorant (of your choice)

2 small beeswax food covers (great for storing used soap in)

Our shampoo bars have been around for quite some time now, and are highly sought after. Perfect for use in all water - town, rural supply, tank .....

Our shaving bar has loads more slip and slick than its chemical counterparts, and NO "sting" when rinsed off - again perfect for use in all water

Our natural deodorant is used in some pretty confined work spaces with fantastic results

Comes in a beeswax pack so easy to wipe clean, also a simplenakedsoap bag, great for storing your wet soap in.

Choice of 3 Colours: Kiwiana, Red, Pukeko or blue



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